Salt Monitors

Water softeners and conditioners rely on a salt water solution to keep the system operating effectively, so it is important to maintain proper levels of salt in the brine tank. Our salt monitor feature provides the convenience of watching the amount of salt in your system for you. You’ll no longer need to remember to check your brine tank or only realize that you’re out of salt after your water quality is suffering.

Using a similar set up to our patented chlorine generator, the salt monitor uses metal probes to create short bursts of electricity as the salt water solution is flowing from your brine tank and into the water softener. The technology measures the conductivity of the electric current from one probe to the other. Pure water cannot conduct electricity on its own, therefore higher levels of conductivity is truly a measurement of the dissolved salts in the water.

As lower levels are measured, the system will trigger both an audio alarm and “LOW SALT” will appear on the screen to indicate that it is time to replenish the softener salts.

Our salt monitor is one of the recommended Water Efficient Technology (W.E.T.) features that can help keep your system operating at maximum efficiency. To learn more about how this advanced programming can help you save on water, salt, and money, visit our W.E.T. page.


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